Selling you Trains with Seaside Trains

Thank you for choosing Seaside Trains to sell your Collection of Trains.  This is certainly a difficult decision and I will do my best go get you the most for your collection.

Our Process:

When I have your collection in my office, I will inventory items completely and fax or e-mail you a complete copy of items.  I will make any necessary cleanings or repairs(extra fees may apply) to ensure we get the maximum sale price for your trains.

I will group like item togeather using reference books I have to maximize the sale if your trains.

I will take digital photos of your items and write up a description of your train

also answer any question buyers  may have about items.

I ship worldwide so your items will have a world audience and this will help us get maximum price for your trains.    Best of all, you can sit back and watch the bidding.

Listing formats

Fixed price auction:  This option is we set a price for an item and wait for some on to make an offer or buy trains for that price.  Items are listed for 30 days or until item is purchased.

Auction format:  This is the most common way to list items.  We review minimum prices that we would like to get for your trains and start the bidding there. 

People will bid on items and the highest bidder after 7 days wins.    Once sale is complete , I package item and ship it to the buyer.  The buyer has 14 days to keep item.  After this time frame we can begin the process of getting you your money.  It normally will take 30 days to get your payment.  7 day listing of item, 14 days once buyer gets item.    Once items are sold the sale is complete, we cannot go back if we are un happy with sale price.  So it is important we agree on minimum amount your are looking for. 


My listing and selling fee is 20% of sale price (normal cleaning and repairs are covered.)

extra repairs cost of parts plus labor $10.00 per hour.

Ebay and Pay pal fees 15%

You will receive 65% of what item sells for.

New buyer pays shipping.

More info to be aware of

I will do my best to sell you items, but they are not guarantee to sell.  Sometimes items do not sell because the starting price is too high or item is not in demand. 

if items do not sell first time, we can review listing and re list items.  After 2nd time a relisting fee may occur.  If you would like items back and choose not to sell items their is a fee of $10.00 per item and then items will be returned to you.  If you decide to stop listing before auction closes a $30.00 fee will be charged to cover the cost of my time, photographing and listing of items. 

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.

Buying your collection

There are times that we may be interested in buying your collection outright.  I normally prefer using the auction road because I am a small dealer and buying some collection may cost hundreds of dollars.  Also keep in mind someone offering to buy your collection will normally  offer 40 to 50% of what items are worth.  I get my offer prices or starting bidding prices for Ebay completed listings.

If you are interested please e-mail me I do most of my work with Seaside Trains on weekends so if you send me a message give me a couple of days to get back to you.

Thank you