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Here at Seaside Trains we buy and sell new and used Lionel Trains.  I specialize in restoring and  repairing post-war Lionel Trains.  I also sell pictures and calendars of trains using photos I have taken or collected over the years.  My inventory is sold on Ebay or Amazon.com.  I also have links to other railroad related items and places of intrest.  so take a look and let me know if you have any questions or suggestion.  Have a great day.

Keith Stec

"Bring back your childhood and memories of playing with Lionel Trains"

Why choose Seaside trains? We are a one person operation .  I am the only person you wil deal with therefor will never get the run around.  I have been collection and repairing Lionel Trains for over 35 years. I have operated an Ebay store for over 15 Years and have a 99% satisfaction rating.  I am also a member of Lionel Railroader Club and Lionel Collectors Club of America. 

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Feel free to contact me at info@seasidetrainz.com  our new phone 721 930 0760

Please keep in mind I do this hobby and  will respond to any questions on weekends Saturday and Sundays. PLEASE NOTE OUR ADDRESS IS FOR MAILING ONLY WE DO NOT HAVE A STORE.

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